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Application and Energy Transition

The EnerTwin is a cleantech product developed to produce comfortable heat and green power in domestic and light commercial environments. Due to its plug&play design it is extremely suitable for replacement of existing heating equipment in older buildings and refurbishment projects in historic buildings.

The EnerTwin runs on natural gas, LPG, biomethane and hydrogen mixes and thereby facilitates the energy-transition to a low-carbon future in buildings. In the coming years the EnerTwin micro-turbine technology is expected to be certified for 100% hydrogen grids and thus allow for application in new “zero-carbon” districts that are developed without natural gas.


EnerTwin is a small-scale heat and power plant combined in one sustainable device. The core of the system is a microturbine that drives a generator.

This has great advantages in terms of reliability and lifetime. Low maintenance costs, high efficiency and a significant CO2 emission reduction are characteristics of the EnerTwin. Because the microturbine operates at a high rpm, the system does not cause any noise disturbance or harmful vibrations in the building like you would encounter with other CHP-systems.


Leasing options

The EnerTwin requires an investment and will pay for itself in the long run due to the production of electricity, efficiency and low maintenance costs.

Sometimes the investment is inconvenient, or you want to use the savings on your energy bill to pay for the investment. There are several options for financing the investment in an EnerTwin, depending on your profile and situation.

International customers
Please refer to your local dealer for information on leasing options for your EnerTwin.

Dutch customers
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Mission statement MTT
EnerTwin brand

It is the ambition of MTT to develop low cost, highly efficient micro turbines and commercial applications thereof. The potential of low cost micro turbines as a ‘prime mover’ for converting small scale thermal energy into mechanical/electrical power is enormous. And its importance is growing due to the increasing environmental awareness of society.

After 5 years of research and development, MTT started extensive field testing with a micro-turbine based CHP system for use in domestic and light commercial buildings. In 2018, this technology was certified and released under the EnerTwin brand as a new cleantech CHP product in the European markets.

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    A customer in Germany

    We had the EnerTwin installed six months ago. Since then, the house has been fully heated and supplied with electricity by the EnerTwin. 128 kWh taken from the grid and 220 kWh supplied to it. Prefect results!

    A customer in Denmark

    The EnerTwin was installed last September, complimenting the existing heat pump. The efficiency has improved by more than 40% saving money and the environment!

    A customer in the south of Germany

    The EnerTwin enabled our 3-family apartment building to run fully autarkic combining the system with solarpanels and battery-storage. 12 kWh hours taken from the grid and 46 kWh fed back to the grid in less than a month. There is no better way to demonstrate the effectiveness of the micro-turbine CHP.