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Micro Turbine Technology (MTT)

MTT develops low cost, highly efficient micro turbines and commercial applications thereof. The potential of low cost micro turbines as a ‘prime mover’ for converting small scale thermal energy into mechanical/electrical power is enormous. And its importance is growing due to the increasing environmental awareness of society.

MTT has been granted 11 international patents on relevant aspects such as clean combustion technologies, recuperator technology, heat exchange concepts and micro turbine control.

EnerTwin's development

2006 - 2009: MTT developed its patented micro turbine technology

2009 - 2014: Research and development

2014 - 2018: Extensive field testing with micro turbine-based CHP (combined-heat-and-power, cogeneration) systems for use in domestic and light commercial buildings and close cooperation with several established research institutes, industrial suppliers and energy companies. This ensured the reliability of the product, which met all modern requirements for decentralised generation of heat and electricity.

2018: This technology was CE-certified and released under the EnerTwin brand as a new cleantech cogeneration product in the European markets.


Micro Turbine Technology BV (MTT) ( is an innovative company located in Eindhoven. MTT develops micro gas turbines for various applications, currently focused on the development and commercialization of the EnerTwin - a micro Combined Heat and Power (µCHP) system. If you wish to apply for a job at our high-tech company, please find the available job-openings here: Jobs - MTT Micro Turbine Technology BV (

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