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Why choose an EnerTwin?

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Your mini power plant

The EnerTwin is a sustainable, small-sized cogeneration system that generates heat and power through a microturbine.
With this CHP appliance you can become independent and generate your own energy: from heating to charging your electric car.


Easy installation

No rebuilding required

Plug & Play



Low CO2 emissions

Suitable for clean fuels, even hydrogen!


Low costs

Save money by producing your own energy

Low maintenance costs


Very reliable

Fully CE-certified

24/7 online monitoring

The solution where other methods fail

The unique design and its capacity make the EnerTwin ideal for monuments and old buildings, where heat pumps and solar panels are not possible or insufficient.

The ideal way to sustainably generate your own energy without the hassle of the balancing regime and large installations. No wind, no sun, no problem for the EnerTwin.


For a greener future

EnerTwin is a future-proof product, certified for 23% hydrogen mix. Models suitable for higher proportions of hydrogen will be released in the coming years.

Use of clean or renewable fuels as biogas, green gas and  LPG in EnerTwin's low-NOx combustor, results in minimal exhaust gas emission levels. Local energy generation leads to dramatically reduced CO2-emissions.


CO2 emissions

Become our partner!

MTT is looking for installation partners who want to contribute to the energy transition.

Interested in working with MTT? Write to contact@mtt-eu.com

Training, remote support and spare parts directly from our headquarters in Eindhoven will be some of your benefits.

EnerTwin Service

Why choose EnerTwin

🐁 Compact size (like a washing machine)
🛠️ Easy to install and connect to your current system
✔️ Flexible, decentralized and network-independent use
💸 Huge cost reduction for electricity and stable liquefied gas prices
🌱 Reduction of CO2 emissions
🔇 Silent
🇳🇱 CE-certified Dutch product

EnerTwin inside

LAB units for universities

MTT offers a special product for R&D purposes, the micro turbine LAB unit: a very flexible and cost-effective platform for gas turbine research.

About us

Micro Turbine Technology (MTT) is a Dutch high-tech company that develops low cost, highly efficient micro turbines and commercial applications thereof. MTT is located in the heart of the Dutch high-tech region around Eindhoven.

MTT has been granted more than 11 international patents on relevant aspects such as clean combustion technologies, recuperator technology, heat exchange concepts and micro turbine control.