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Historic office building in Dresden, DE

EnerTwin installed in combination with a larger boiler, in a shared heating room for a 3 storey office building.


Historic Building Dresden Germany

Building supplies (Bouwcenter Centen), NL

EnerTwin replaced an old boiler, it was connected to the heating circuit through a buffer tank.
It provides base load heat for the office and showroom. Energy label improved from E to A, where EnerTwin contributed to two label-steps improval.



EnerTwin building materials Wanroij Netherlands

Schools in Dresden, DE and Newcastle, UK

Dresden: Cascade of 2 EnerTwins in combination with a boiler and a large buffer vessel.
The EnerTwins provide heat and electricity for heating of the school and the adjacent gym facility.

Newcastle: Old oil heating system and boilers replaced by an EnerTwin and two peak boilers in a primary school  with a swimming pool.


Installation company in Neuenrade, DE

CCHP installation: the EnerTwin is connected with an absorption chiller, allowing both the production of heat and cooling.