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We are looking for reliable installation partners to make our innovative product available in Benelux and Europe! Training for installation and maintenance takes only a day and is provided by our technical professionals.

Are you interested in working with MTT on the energy transition? Please send us a message through the contact form below.

EnerTwin Service

Your benefits



All you need to know in one day



With installation and maintenance


Online monitoring

24/7 online control tool for remote operation


Spare parts

Directly from our headquarter in Eindhoven

A unique product

EnerTwin cogeneration system generates electric power using a 4 kW microturbine. Driving a high-speed generator at 240.000 rpm, this micro-CHP system has a net electric efficiency of >16% (20% shaft power efficiency on the turbogenerator).

Special design features:

Rapid start-up capability: in less than 2 minutes.
Power modulation 30% without significant loss of efficiency.
The recuperator recovers the exhaust heat into the turbine working cycle, saving almost 50% of fuel compared to a system without a recuperator and providing a substantial increase in efficiency.

MTT-EnerTwin Flowchart

Suitable for


Clean fuels

Biogas, green gas, LPG, hydrogen mix up to 23% (higher percentages in the future)


Combination with PV

Even more savings in combination with photovoltaic installations


Smart grids

24/7 online control tool for remote operation



Island mode operation with a battery pack

Become our partner!

About us

MTT is a dynamic company, with innovative thinking in its DNA and focused on continuous product improvement. After a phase as starting company, it is now working to grow and make EnerTwin available in the Netherlands and abroad.

The EnerTwin is fully manifactured in our Eindhoven headquarters, Europe's high-tech hotspot, with reliable European components. Support from our expert engineers, online monitoring and spare components will all be provided by MTT to its installers.

EnerTwin has been CE-Certificed by KIWA and obtained the Solar Impulse Foundation label in 2021 as one of the 1000+ profitable solutions to protect the environment.