NEW use cases historical

Historic office building in Dresden, DE

EnerTwin installed in combination with a larger boiler, in a shared heating room for a 3 storeys office building, used as a stable in the past.



Historic Building Dresden Germany

School in Dresden, DE

Cascade of 2 EnerTwins in combination with a boiler and a large buffer vessel.

The EnerTwins provide heat and electricity for heating of the school and the adjacent gym facility.

Historic villa in Hilversum, NL

Historic 1920 villa, in the past heated and supplied with sanitary hot water by 2 boilers.
The complete heating system was upgraded with an EnerTwin for space heating and heat pump with PV for sanitary hot water production. For extreme winter conditions one old boiler was kept as a peak boiler.

improvement of the energy label and substantial reduction of CO2 emissions.

Procurement office of the catholic church, Rome

The EnerTwin was implemented to cover new energy-demand and sustainability goals in a cost-efficient way.
Costly adaptations to the building structure to accommodate low-temperature heating systems were avoided.


EnerTwin Vatican office