Office and Showroom Neuenrade

Combined Cooling, Heating and Power (CCHP) in Germany The system is installed in the showroom of the installation company where it provides heat and power to the building and heat to the absorption cooler in the summer. This Tri-generation setup (CCHP: Combined Cooling, Heating and Power) is an innovative solution for its building, while also … Read more

University Germany

University lab testing

German Aerospace Center DLR, Stuttgart MTT provided for DLR a lab-unit that comes with the extra sensoring, control software and support to run in test and lab facilities.

Office-building Dresden

Historic Building Dresden Germany

Former stables refurbished to office-building Former Stables refurbished to office-building in Dresden, Germany. The EnerTwin was implemented to cover new energy-demand and sustainability goals in a cost-efficient way. Costly adjustment to the building structure to accommodate low-temperature heating systems were avoided. With >5000 runhours per year a great return on investment was achieved. Context According … Read more