University Germany

German Aerospace Center DLR, Stuttgart

MTT provided for DLR a lab-unit that comes with the extra sensoring, control software and support to run in test and lab facilities.

University students


DLR sought a cost effective test environment for micro gas turbine educational purposes and R&D & application studies.

The Use Case

Save costs by testing at small scale:

  • 3 kW electricity, 15 kW thermal
  • Low cost, light weight, small size
  • Low infrastructure requirements
  • Low operating cost (low fuel consumption, low maintenance)

Recuperated micro gas turbine designed for:

  • Micro turbine R&D studies
  • Turbomachinery optimization
  • Cogeneration / CHP concept studies
  • Alternative fuel studies
  • Novel combustion concept studies

EnerTwin test location

The role of the EnerTwin

LabView program:

  • Award winning design
  • Code included (optional):
    • For adapting schedules
  • Monitoring & data logging:
    • Performance
    • Vibration (optional)
  • Control:
    • Automatic (start up, load variation etc)
    • Manual (turbine speed & power setting)
    • Temperature
  • Clear overview of thermodynamic process:
    • Micro turbine performance
    • Thermodynamic cycle
    • Gas conditions at engine stations

Includes extensive instrumentation:

  • Sensors at all critical process stations
  • User-friendly control
  • Accurate performance monitoring
  • Remote control (optional)
  • Code included (for adaptation)

The benefits and conclusions

  • Low fuel consumption
  • Small size
  • Low installation costs
  • Low maintenance and operating costs
  • Installation & operation comparable to domestic boiler

Easy installation:

  • Low weight, small size
  • Load: easy connection to electricity grid
  • (single phase)


  • Different fuel types (integrate customized combustors)
  • Wide operating envelope
  • Separate control of both rotor speed and firing temperature

On-line and remote (internet) control and monitoring

MTT support (optional):

  • Helpdesk: problems, R&D support
  • Maintenance
  • Spare parts

MTT EnerTwin Microturbine

EnerTwin lab software

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