Why choose the EnerTwin now?

Purchase and Installation

Generating green heat and electricity with the EnerTwin. The EnerTwin is combined heat and power plant for home or office use that has already been prepared for a non-fossil (net-zero) future. The EnerTwin works with all kinds of fuel mixtures such as regular natural gas, biogas and LPG up to and including hydrogen. So you can now start with the generation of green electricity and heat on the basis of, for example, a green gas contract and at later stage switch to other fuels when they become available in your area. You can immediately exchange your existing boiler for an EnerTwin that can be installed plug & play. You do not need any structural work, which is usual with, for example heat pumps. No unsightly components are placed outside on your facade or on the roof and you will immediately produce your own green electricity to, for example, charge your car. The heat is used to warm your home, swimming pool or tap water.

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The EnerTwin is unique because it is driven by a micro-turbine. It is a premium-quality product with high-end technology that has been developed in collaboration with the Technical Universities of both Delft and Eindhoven. Like aircraft engines, micro-turbines are extremely reliable, economical, compact and due to their high rotational speed, much quieter than other technologies. The EnerTwin looks attractive and can therefore be combined excellently with other systems such as solar panels, which mainly work in the summer. Just like with solar panels, the green electricity that you do not use yourself can simply be fed back to the electricity grid, thereby making a nice extra contribution to a better environment.

MTT EnerTwin Microturbine
EnerTwin Service

Use, Service and Maintenance

Because you no longer have to take the generated power from the electricity grid, you will quickly see the energy bill reduce and you will earn back the purchase. Look here for the lease and financing options. In addition, decentralized generation is much better for the environment and that reduces CO2 emissions by 6 to 12 tons per year by preventing losses in the electricity grid. The EnerTwin has a state-of-art smart control and can therefore be remotely monitored by your dealer, so that you do not have to worry about it yourself. The EnerTwin will notify your dealer when maintenance is required based on usage. With average use, this will mean that the EnerTwin only requires maintenance every 1.5 to 2 years.



End of May 2018, the GAR Certificate for EnerTwin has been extended for several countries outside the EU. Apart from the EU countries, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey, the GAR certificate is now also valid in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Iran, Pakistan, India, Japan, China and South Korea.

In May 2018, the EnerTwin micro CHP system received the GAR – type GR certification. The GAR (Gas Appliance Regulation, EU regulation 2016/426) recently replaced the Directive 2009/142/EC (GAD), meaning that the EnerTwin meets all requirements related to appliances burning gaseous fuels. This certificate is valid for all EU countries as well as for Norway, Switzerland and Turkey.

In April 2018, commercial EnerTwin systems received the GAD – type CE certification. The certificate is issued by KIWA after extensive safety tests. KIWA’s certificate is valid for all countries within the European Union as well as for Norway, Switzerland and Turkey.

Bureau Veritas, a global leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification issued three certificates for MTT’s EnerTwin recently: The Certificate of Compliance for EnerTwin’s automatic disconnection device, The Certificate of Compliance for connection to the low voltage grid and The Certificate of Compliance for grid and plant protection. They meet the following standards:

  • VDE-AR-N-4105
  • VDE 0126
  • G83
  • EN50438
  • C10

These Certificates are issued for different EU countries such as Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Belgium, France and The Netherlands.


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