Office and Showroom Neuenrade

Combined Cooling, Heating and Power (CCHP) in Germany

The system is installed in the showroom of the installation company where it provides heat and power to the building and heat to the absorption cooler in the summer. This Tri-generation setup (CCHP: Combined Cooling, Heating and Power) is an innovative solution for its building, while also providing a showcase in clean energy solutions for the customers of the installation company.

EnerTwin biomethan greengas hydrogen


According to the Energy Performance of Building Directive (EPBD, Europe), Commercial office buildings require energy label improvement. Companies are increasingly faced with CSR and environmental challenges by customers as well as shareholders and local authorities.

Reduction of the company carbon footprint (both CO2 and NOx emissions) is on management agenda’s. Climate change increases demand for cooling in buildings and thereby causing even higher emissions: a dangerous negative circle for the environment.

The Use Case

  • Installation company Listringhaus with showroom.
  • Location: installation company with office and showroom, Neuenrade, Germany.
  • The company Listringhaus has developed a showroom where worldclass solutions can be demonstrated to their customers, which was taken into service per August 2020.
  • The owners of the installation company are confronted with increasing inquiry from customers that want to integrate systems to serve heating, power and cooling demand.
  • Listringhaus has been looking for several options in the market, but all the options served only two of the three needs. Combining a CHP system that covers both heating and power demand in the colder season and an absorption chiller for summer use where thus power and chilled water are generated seemed the most efficiënt combination.
  • Installation: EnerTwin is connected to the heating circuit through a buffer tank and through the chilled water circuit by means of an absorption chiller.
  • Solarpanels have been added to the system.
  • Annual estimated running hours: 6000+ hrs.


The role of the EnerTwin

The EnerTwin provides base load heat for the office and showroom. The produced electricity is used for charging the electric cars and general use in the officebuilding. In the summer the heat of the EnerTwin is recycled to the absorption chiller, transferring the heat into chilled water. Both heat and cold have storage vessels that increase the amount of runhours throughout the year.

Factual results of the project

  • Annual running hours: 6000+ hrs (estimated for both cooling and heating operation).
  • Additional condensing boiler installed for peak-demand.
  • Reliable heating solution covering 95% of heatload.
  • Subventions have been granted.
  • Climate goals to be achieved with CO₂ and NOₓ emissions reduced by 9,5 Tons a year.
  • Plug&Play installation with little impact on operations of the company.

CO2 emissions

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